Hannah Zaidi, Lauren Wakfer, Holly Bartlett, Zoe Wakfer and Hannah Heruela.Picture: Pictures: Chloe Fraser, Chloe Fraser

Rain did not dampen spirits at Rockingham Senior High School last Friday when students put their best foot forward as part of the school’s annual Try-A-Thon for Telethon.

More than 300 students braved the rain and wind, walking, running and dancing to complete as many 100m laps up and down the school’s rugby oval as possible.

The students were sponsored by friends, family and members of the community with this year’s fundraising efforts gathering nearly $30,000 for the charity.

Fundraiser co-ordinator and RSHS Rugby League Academy co-ordinator Isaac Thomas said Telethon was “one of those things that really touches everyone in WA”.

“Being a high school, nearly all the students have had an experience with the children’s hospital, either themselves or their siblings, or they will know someone who has,” he said.

“It’s something we can all relate to and such a good cause.” RSHS has raised more than $160,000 for Telethon in the past six years.

Jordan Owens and Bailey Hewat-Lawrence.
Jordan Owens and Bailey Hewat-Lawrence.Picture: Chloe Fraser
Katrina Kua and Chloe Dunn.
Katrina Kua and Chloe Dunn.Picture: Chloe Fraser
Lola Render, Jessica Merrick and Lola Madeira.
Lola Render, Jessica Merrick and Lola Madeira.Picture: Chloe Fraser
Emily Tucker and Ellen Adams.
Emily Tucker and Ellen Adams.Picture: Chloe Fraser
Adrianna Zaidi, Tiahna d’Arcy and Lily Roach.
Adrianna Zaidi, Tiahna d’Arcy and Lily Roach.Picture: Chloe Fraser

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