Rockingham Senior High Schoolnurse Jane Firth and principal Stan Koios say the Pinkbox vending machine will help provide students with access to sanitary products.Picture: Pierra Willix

The affordability of sanitary products continues to affect many women across Australia, but a Rockingham school has been aided with the donation of a vending machine that offers products to students for free.

After intensive campaigning, a push to “axe the tax” last year saw the 10 per cent tax on items such as pads and tampons abolished.

However, the price of the products still leaves many women struggling to afford them, or even having to go without.

An organisation integral in the campaign, Share the Dignity, has donated one of its vending machines, and a continuing supply of products, to Rockingham Senior High School.

Installed in the school’s student services office earlier this month, the Pinkbox machine dispenses a free pack of six tampons and two pads.

The school was aware of the need for sanitary products in the school, and already provided free products to students, but said the machine was a welcome support.

Principal Stan Koios said the machine allowed students to help themselves to the products, and the school was grateful to receive the Pinkbox.


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