A Rockingham family was left reeling after losing a Wish U Were Here Daddy Doll in Bunbury last week.

A mother and daughter, who did not wish to be identified, visited Bunbury for a dance competition on April 24 and 25.

During the trip, the pair visited the Quality Hotel Lighthouse and stayed at Discovery Parks, near Koombana Bay.

The daughter’s doll features a picture of her father, who passed away several years ago.

Family friend, and Rockingham funeral director, Stacey Miller had organised for the doll to be made.

Ms Miller said the family and their friends/relatives are all desperate to find it.

“We are trying everything we can to bring it home, because it’s a very sentimental object for this little girl,” she said.

“The doll goes everywhere with her, and she sleeps with it every night – tucked under her arm.

“We’ve had offers from people wanting to make her a new one, but she just wants her doll back.

“That’s how special it is – not only for the girl but for her mum, as well.

“We’re asking for people to keep their eyes open. If you happen to find the doll, please hand it in.

“It has been reported as lost to Discovery Parks, Quality Hotel Lighthouse, and Bunbury Police.”

Ms Miller took to social media, urging Bunbury community members to keep a lookout.

The family have since been inundated with support from South West residents.

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