IT was on an evening walk along the beachfront with her grandson when Rockingham grandmother and author Teena Raffa-Mulligangot the inspiration behind her latest book The Moon is a Smile.

Her grandson said the crescent moon looked like a smile and although it had never occurred to her before, Raffa-Mulligan could see how a child might think this.

“I didn’t set out to use his comment in a children’s book but somehow my writer’s brain linked it with the family breakdown our son and two of our other young grandchildren were going through,’’ she said.

“Our son had been totally committed to his role as a father from the time his children were born and was devastated at the thought of not being there for them full-time after the separation.”

The Moon is a Smile sends a beautiful message to young children dealing with the separation of their parents and celebrates the loving relationship between a father and his daughter.

The book follows a father and daughter as they enjoy a special day together: going to dance class, having a picnic at the park and playing at the beach.

Illustrated by Amy Calautti in watercolours, children will smile at the father’s fun-filled antics.

Raffa-Mulligan said she wanted to give young children reassurance that even when parents are absent, their love is strong.

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