Local landscape and renowned pet photographer Julie Gordon has claimed top prize for this year’s Sculpture by the Sea photo competition.

Judged by veteran Sculpture by the Sea photographer Clyde Yee, the Mandurah mother was first named as a top 10 finalist before taking out first place for capturing “a mesmerising post-rain moment”.

Ms Gordon said she was shocked to find out she had won among all the talented artists who submitted images.

“I hadn’t been on Instagram for a couple of days and then I got on and saw that all these people had been tagging me and congratulating me,” she said.

“I followed it through and I was shocked to find out.

“Clyde Yee understood perfectly what I was trying to do so the fact that he picked that up, gave me tingles.”

No stranger to winning competitions for her incredible images, Ms Gordon has also placed in the Mandurah Portrait and Fremantle Portrait prizes a number of times in the past.

But the Lakelands photographer said it was the first time she submitted her photos into the #sxsmoments competition after spending a day admiring the beautiful sculptures.

She decided to take her camera back to Cottesloe Beach with friends and set up some photos of the artworks for just a few hours one afternoon.

“I wanted to try and incorporate their art with my art and make it both of ours rather than just taking a photo of their art,” she said.

“I didn’t just go along a take a snap – I set it up to get all the texture and turn it into something else and make it both of our art.

“That’s why I looked for the pylon to shoot through the middle of my winning photo.

“A couple of the sculptors actually want to buy my photos of their sculptures – they’re thrilled that I’ve done something with their art to make it my art.”

The talented artist started taking photos in high school before doing it professionally for the first time at the Collie Motorplex.

“I got into it because my friend did stunt shows at the motorplex and he built a 14 tonne monster motorbike and he wanted me to take photos of it,” she said.

“I started taking photos of this monster bike running over old caravans and all sorts.

“Within six months, I was in the middle of the ground taking photos of them all above me, it was incredible.”

Ms Gordon describes photography as her passion, taking a keen interest particularly in the beach and the bush.

“I mainly do pet photography so I steal people’s pets and do that and do pet and Santa portrait photography at Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital every year,” she said.

“That and landscapes are where my passion lays – I love beach shots, I like sunsets.

“I often go down to Madora Bay, Silver Sands and we go down south to Myalup and stuff a lot too and I’ve taken photos in Scotland, in Thailand.”

To see more from Julie Gordon Photography, visit her Facebook page.

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