BRAND MHR Madeleine King has announced a $2 million funding commitment to the construction of the Baldivis Districts Sporting Complex.

She said the money had been committed for stage 1 of the complex should Labor win the election.

State Labor has already granted $1.5 million to the project.

“Baldivis has seen astronomical population growth in the last few years and it’s taken a while for facilities to catch up – so this development is a huge win for the community,” Ms King said.

“The Baldivis Districts Sporting Complex will be supported by modern clubrooms catering for women’s and men’s sports, floodlighting, internal road networks and carparking amenities, with the construction set to begin early this year.

“I know local sporting teams are currently training in Rockingham and playing at school ovals, so it will be great to see them have a home base in Baldivis.”

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