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Extruded Designs AU: Turning Passion for 3D Printing, Gaming and Design into a Business

Ross Halford's passion for 3D printing, gaming, and design has driven him to establish his business, Extruded Designs AU. Growing up as a "gamer and techy kid", Ross found it easy to pursue a career in IT. However, his love for 3D printers, gaming, and design pushed him to create his own business, which helps bridge the gap between a person's imagination and their dream costume, prop, toy, or container.

At Extruded Designs AU, Ross can either design the component himself or find somewhere that has already designed the component and is selling the commercial license. He then puts the files through the programs they use to print it out. His services have become a hit among cosplay enthusiasts and tabletop gamers who want to print out pre-designed characters.

Ross' love for gaming extends to his family, who are also benefiting from his character printing. He designs and sources functional things, such as additions to power tools and holders that have helped make the lives of his clients and friends easier. The possibilities for his services are endless.

Extruded Designs AU has only been around for a year, but it has steadily brought in unique and quirky jobs for Ross. He looks forward to receiving more original character designs, cosplay costumes, and hardware hacks. He takes orders through his Instagram and Facebook accounts and his Etsy store.

The gaming scene in Mandurah is continually growing, with businesses like Game On Mandurah making it easy for both novices and newbies to find their community. Ross' love for gaming and 3D printing has made him an integral part of the community, and his services are a testament to his passion for this industry. With Extruded Designs AU, Ross has turned his hobbies into a thriving business, proving that pursuing your passions can lead to success.

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