FOUR people were injured, including a child, after a decorative alcohol-fuelled burner exploded in a Rockingham backyard on the weekend.

The explosion has prompted Consumer Protection to issue a warning that certain table-top models have been banned.

The explosion on Saturday is believed to have been sparked by an ethanol burner being re-fuelled while still lit.

There was a large fire in the backyard. St Johns Ambulance and the Department of Fire and Emerency Services attended.

The injured people were taken to hospital.

The device was purchased about ten years ago prior to the ban being in place.

A national safety standard for these burners came into effect in July 2017 after a Safety Bay woman suffered serious burns to her face and upper body.

Since 2010 the burners have caused more than 100 injuries and 36 house fires in Australia and at least three deaths overseas.


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