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Dawesville Community Outraged Over String of Violent Attacks on Kangaroos

Residents of Dawesville have expressed outrage after a series of brutal attacks on kangaroos in the area. A resident named Erin recounted an incident she witnessed over the weekend where she heard what she initially thought was an attempted car theft, only to discover three men attacking a kangaroo. The men were holding the kangaroo down and hitting it with rocks while their dog joined in the attack. Erin approached the men to confront them, but they became aggressive with her. By the time she returned with her phone to call the police, the men had already taken the injured kangaroo and fled the scene.

Erin took to the Dawesville Community Facebook page to raise awareness about the incident, and the response she received from the community was overwhelming. She was provided with information about similar incidents that had taken place in the area, and she began to gather evidence to report the incidents to the police and the RSPCA. The community's reaction showed that they had had enough of the animal cruelty in their area, with people becoming increasingly willing to share information about the attacks.

The Dawesville community has long been known for its love of wildlife, with many residents putting out water bowls for the kangaroos and designing their gardens to encourage foraging. Erin stated that one of the main reasons she moved to Dawesville was because of the local wildlife. She hopes that the people responsible for the attacks on the kangaroos are charged and prosecuted for their actions.

An RSPCA WA spokesperson stated that the association was investigating the incidents and reviewing footage, and was working closely with Mandurah Rangers and WA Police. The spokesperson said that the organization was "deeply concerned" about any instances of animal cruelty, particularly where the abuse was deliberate and intentional. The maximum penalty for an individual found guilty of animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2002 is a $50,000 fine or up to five years in prison. Anyone with information about these attacks is urged to call 1300 CRUELTY (1300 278 358) or make a report online.

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