Working to educate schoolchildren on skills such as team-building and problem solving, the task of cubby building at the Baldivis Children’s Forest involves more than meets the eye.

Friends of the Forest volunteer Betty Davies said there was “a lot more to cubby” building, saying that the children who took part were required to practise essential skills such as co-operation, problem solving and adaptability.

Using a range of materials to construct the cubbies, the organisation is putting the call- out for donations that can be used for future school groups.

Items such as bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases, tarps, PVC pipes, ropes, curtains, plastic lattice, old tents, pegs and anything else durable that an imagination could use to create are in demand, with anyone interested in donating asked to contact the group.

If people have any of the above items, or others that could be used, they can contact Pamela on 0421 970 089.

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