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Comet Bay College Launches Groundbreaking App to Bring Australia’s Military History to Life

Comet Bay College has teamed up with Viewport XR to launch Anzac XR, a new interactive app that uses cutting-edge augmented reality technology to take users on a journey through Australia’s military history. Anzac XR was officially launched on April 25, Anzac Day, and is available for free download on the Apple and Google Play platforms.

The app offers users a 360-degree immersive experience, giving them the chance to get up close and personal with Australian war heroes, military vehicles and equipment, and historic locations. It includes five main features: AR heroes who share their stories of service in a life-like 3D animation, with interactive features like taking photos with the avatars; AR vehicles, uniforms and equipment that can be seen either miniature or life-sized; AR portals that offer a 360-degree immersive experience of locations relevant to military history; the Gallery of Honour recorded veteran audio interviews; and a notifications function that acknowledges significant military dates in Australia’s history.

Principal Kelly Bennett expressed her excitement about the launch, stating that the software developed for the app will allow for the addition of more characters, features and content in the future, making the app an unlimited educational resource.

The Anzac XR App will also be shared with schools across Australia, making it a valuable resource for educators and students alike. With its innovative use of augmented reality technology, Anzac XR offers a unique way to engage with Australia’s military history, bringing to life the stories of the country’s defence personnel in a way that has never been seen before.

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