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City of Rockingham receives $1 million Lotterywest grant for Baldivis Outdoor Recreation Space

The City of Rockingham has been awarded a grant of $1 million from Lotterywest to support the construction of the Baldivis Outdoor Recreation Space. The Baldivis Outdoor Recreation Space is a part of the Baldivis Sports Complex and will include a nature playground, a skate park, an adventure play area, and an activity challenge course. It will also be overseen by a new cafe that is part of the Baldivis Indoor Sports Complex.

Design work for the recreation space is currently underway, and the City of Rockingham expects to put the project out to tender later this year. This phase of the project will also involve the construction of the Southern Pavilion and outdoor courts at the BSC.

The Baldivis Outdoor Recreation Space will cover an area of 2000sqm, providing an excellent addition to the wide range of facilities that the City has already delivered at the Baldivis Sports Complex. The City is grateful to Lotterywest for supporting this community infrastructure project.

The City of Rockingham has been working towards two key aspirations in its Strategic Community Plan, which are planning for future generations and delivering quality leadership and business expertise. The City's Mayor, Deb Hamblin, thanked Lotterywest for being a major supporter of the Baldivis Outdoor Recreation Space, noting that this grant aligns strongly with the City's aspirations.

The Lotterywest and Healthway CEO, Ralph Addis, expressed his delight to continue Lotterywest's support for the City of Rockingham. He emphasized that this grant would create an all-abilities nature playground, skate park, and adventure play area for the local community. Mr. Addis noted that Lotterywest is proud to work with the City of Rockingham to deliver what will be a safe and inclusive hub for thousands of Baldivis children and families.

The project will ensure that young people of all abilities can enjoy healthy recreational activities, leading to better outcomes in physical and mental health. Baldivis MLA Reece Whitby said he is proud to have worked with the City of Rockingham and Lotterywest to deliver such a fantastic result for the community.

For more information on the Baldivis Outdoor Recreation Space, visit the City of Rockingham's website at

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