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City of Rockingham approves tender for Karnup district structure plan

The City of Rockingham has recently announced that it has accepted a tender for the Karnup district structure plan. The plan will guide the long-term development and planning of the area, including the location of future activity centers and employment, residential areas and density targets, regional and district infrastructure, schools, public open space, road networks, and the integration of public transport. This announcement comes as the State Government’s plan for future growth in the South metropolitan Peel sub-regional planning framework has identified Karnup as a key future urban growth corridor.

The Karnup district structure plan covers about 2000 hectares and extends from Sixty Eight Road in the north to Paganoni Road in the south, from Mandurah Road/Stakehill Road/Fletcher Road in the west to Baldivis Road/Stakehill Road and Kwinana Freeway in the east. The area has been identified for future urban development in strategic plans since the 1980s.

CDP Town Planning and Urban Design has been selected to design the development plans for the area. This includes planning documents that coordinate zoning, subdivision, and land use. The company has a strong reputation in the industry and will be responsible for ensuring that the plan is implemented efficiently and effectively.

Mayor Deb Hamblin has stated that planning for future generations is a vital part of the city’s strategic community plan. She noted that the preparation of the Karnup district structure plan is a critical step in shaping the future of the southern suburbs of the city. The plan will include strategies, policies, and studies prepared by the city and the state, with residents able to give feedback as it progresses.

The Karnup district structure plan is expected to have significant benefits for the local community. In addition to guiding development, it will help to support economic growth and create new job opportunities. It will also ensure that the community has access to high-quality infrastructure and services, such as schools, public transport, and public open space. Overall, the plan is an essential step towards ensuring that the city can continue to grow and thrive in the years to come.

The City of Rockingham is committed to ensuring that the planning process is transparent and inclusive. The city will be engaging with the community throughout the process, providing regular updates and seeking feedback at key milestones. The city is also committed to working closely with local stakeholders, including developers and business owners, to ensure that their needs and concerns are taken into account as the plan is developed.

Overall, the acceptance of the tender for the Karnup district structure plan is a positive development for the City of Rockingham and the surrounding area. The plan will provide a clear roadmap for the future development of the area, ensuring that growth is sustainable, and that the community can continue to thrive. With CDP Town Planning and Urban Design on board, the city is well-positioned to ensure that the plan is implemented successfully, and that the needs of the community are met.

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